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Watch the bull elk sparring

Check out this video of a couple of young bull elk sparring during the rut season. Listen to their high pitched, almost whines as they knock antlers, wrestling like young boys as they discover their strength and develop their new found skills. Notice that they are not really fighting as much as playing. We know they are young because their bugle sounds are very immature and their antlers are small and twig-like. Did you know that a bull elk loses and regrows his antlers every year? With time they grow back larger, stronger, and with more branches, increasing their intimidation factor and their ability to defend and protect their harem from other bulls or predators: a fact that is highly favored by the cows (female elk) in looking for a mate.

If you’d like to see the elk rut live and in full swing, come visit our Estes Park bed and breakfast for the Elk Fest, September 30-October 1. Learn more about the instinct and activities of the elk during the rut, sample craft beers and shop the elk wares and art at the free festival.