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The Story of Our Historic B&B: Arts and Crafts Style

Living Room at our historic B&B

Welcome to our historic B&B nestled just outside of downtown in Estes Park, CO. We invite you on a visual tour of the many Arts and Crafts style facets of The Golden Leaf Inn. Built in the early 1920s, this home provides all the modern amenities along with the character of its original design, carefully crafted with the details in mind. Join us as we explore many of the typical stylistic choices of this Era through our refurbishing journey.

Living Room Fireplace

Let us begin with the open living space, a typical feature of Arts and Crafts style homes of the late 19th and early 20th century. The living room at The Golden Leaf Inn welcomes warmth during the day due to the natural light drawn in by the large windows and door on three sides. At night, it invites warmth from the fire in the large focal fireplace, also a common feature of the Arts and Crafts Era, especially with its variety of muted colored tiles. These tiles were actually the color palette from which the owner, Renae Adelmann, made most of her choices as she refurbished the home. The dining room also lets in a tremendous amount of natural light, being adjoined to the living room with a large arch way. Featuring windows on two walls, a burlap-type golden wallpaper and built-in cabinetry, these stylistic choices of the Era welcome light and warmth along with guests, neighbors and friends. You can imagine what a lovely wake-up you will experience during your stay at our historic B&B as you enjoy beautiful sunlight streaming in on a well-set table with gourmet breakfast and lovely company from the Innkeepers.

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Library at The Golden Leaf Inn

Built-in cabinetry, found in all the living spaces at The Golden Leaf Inn, became popular during this Era for its practicality and minimalist, “only-possess-what’s-useful” mentality. These cabinets and built-in bookshelves can be found in the library and in the Heavenly Room, as well as filled with dishes in the dining room and other art pieces in the living room. The deep rich colored wood of the wainscoting in the living spaces presents a warmth and beautiful contrast to the natural light streaming through the many large windows and doors. This feature can be enjoyed all the more in Colorado with our 300 days of sun, so you’re almost guaranteed to have the opportunity to appreciate the warm natural lighting during your stay.

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The Golden Leaf Inn Dining Room

A common interior design feature of this time period was wainscoting which is floor-to-chair-rail or floor-to-ceiling wood panels of various thicknesses and colors. In the dining room at the Inn, the wainscoting extends from the plate rail to the ceiling, whereas in our library it covers only half of the wall around the fireplace, extending from floor to chair rail, making room for the exposed brick on one side and built in bookshelves on the other. Plate rails became common during the Arts and Crafts Era not only for plate display but also to exhibit other pottery and sculpture. These items, along with various other forms of art, became more popular as the value for excellent craftsmanship returned.

Decorative Triangular Dust Corners on the stairs to the Library

Stair dust corners became popular during the Victorian Era to facilitate easier cleaning but continued to be used during the Arts and Crafts Era, more for beauty and detail than the former concern of immaculate stairways. You’ll notice these on your way up the staircase to the beautiful, naturally-lit library. With its built-in bookshelves, wainscoting, Tiffany lamps and inviting fireplace, it also holds an authenticity to the Era. Be sure to plan some reading or writing time into your stay so you can fully appreciate the library’s cozy atmosphere.

Olive tree back-splash in the kitchen

Floor and bathroom tile was a common choice during this Era as well, especially subway tile and the unique hexagonal floor tiles featured in our bathrooms at The Golden Leaf Inn. Artistic back-splash tiles in kitchens and bathrooms were handmade during the Arts and Crafts Era, contrasted to factory-produced in the Victorian Era. This became quite the art that was appreciated for its uniqueness in each tile. Muted colors were typical of Arts and Crafts style, while glazes and material types made the differences in detail and vividness of color. The contemporary artist who created our Olive Tree back-splash in the kitchen at The Golden Leaf Inn, Tzadi Turrou, specializes in Arts and Crafts style tiles, and we are pleased to support her artwork at our historic B&B.

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Copper ceiling detail in the Creative Copper Room

The copper ceiling found in the aptly named Creative Copper Room is another example of Arts and Crafts design. Hammered metalwork was often found in copper or bronze, adding detail and aesthetic to the style of these homes.

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Front Porch at The Golden Leaf Inn

Large battered columns and covered porches were also common due to the desire to welcome guests and neighbors into one’s home. At the front of the house we have a lovely covered porch from which you can see Longs Peak. Summer evenings spent on our porch invite reflection and enjoyment of the scenery while in the good company of new acquaintances or old friends.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the beginning of our Arts and Crafts tour of The Golden Leaf Inn. Be sure to check back here in April as we continue highlighting other features of this Era including our Tiffany lamps and Stickley furniture. Spring is a lovely time to visit Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park, so come enjoy good food, shopping, art and music. Book with us today!