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Is US 34 Open This Season? How to Get to Estes Park Without US 34

Coloradans have been asking the question, “Is US 34 open this season?” We are happy to inform you that Estes Park is open for business over the winter season, but US 34 is closed for repairs from the flood of 2013. This closure specifically affects those traveling to Estes Park from Loveland, Fort Collins and Greeley; however, alternate routes exist that avoid US 34 so you can still visit Estes Park during this winter season. We thought it would be helpful to make you aware of these changes in order to provide smooth travel to and from Estes Park this winter.

Construction Affecting Estes Park

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has closed U.S. Highway 34 through May 24 of next year (2018) to further repair and retrofit damaged sections of the highway from the flood in 2013. Because the floods of 1976 and 2013 were so devastating to canyon residents, CDOT has been studying the hydraulic flow of the canyon so that as they make repairs, they can set up safeguards and protective measures to minimize impact of possible future events. By closing the highway through the fall and winter months of the 2017-2018 season, they are able to shave off approximately two years worth of construction time, greatly assisting travelers along this road in the future and benefiting tourism and vacationing in Estes Park next summer. Although US 34 is closed, Estes Park is still alive and well and full of activities throughout these seasons. The following routes will assist you in accessing Estes Park while avoiding US 34.

Maps for Travel to Estes Park

Loveland to Estes Park via US-287 S & US-36 W: 44.6 miles; approx. 1 hr

Fort Collin to Estes Park via US-36 W: 57.3 miles; approx. 1 hr 24 min

Greeley to Estes Park via US-36 W: 66.0 miles; approx. 1 hr 27 min

Greeley to Estes Park via CO-66 W & US-36 W: 63.5 miles; approx. 1 hr 31 min

For up-to-date information on road closures or traffic estimates, make sure to check CDOT, Google Maps, or  www.visitestespark.com/maps-and-info/getting-here/ before traveling to Estes Park this winter.


Is US 34 Open? Not this Season, but Take a Rocky Mountain Getaway Anyway

As you look at your calendar to plan the rest of your year or perhaps a January getaway after the busy holiday season, don’t forget The Golden Leaf Inn. It is open year-round and provides a very cozy setting for a relaxing getaway to re-center your life and remind yourself of what matters: family, friends, a grateful attitude, health, peace, to name a few. While you’re here, we encourage you to check out our favorite restaurants in town: Seasoned, located across from Bond Park, next to Images of Rocky Mountain just off Main St; and Bird & Jim, located at the intersection of Mary’s Lake Rd, Moraine Ave and High Drive. Whether you are looking for peaceful reflection with a hot drink in front of a fire, snowshoeing in the Rockies as you reconnect with nature, or a delicious meal and friendly conversation, The Golden Leaf Inn and Estes Park have it all and would be happy to serve you!


Seasoned: An American Bistro bought what used to be Moon Kats Café earlier this year, a quaint, old building rich with history, and has turned it into a lovely bistro with quality food, a warm environment and friendly service. Conveniently located in the middle of town, they offer not only dinner 5 days a week but a scrumptious brunch menu on Sundays as well. Their menu offers several options for all types of foodies with varying palettes, created by the well-seasoned chef and business man, Rob Corey. Be sure to plan a dinner or Sunday brunch with Seasoned during your stay in Estes this winter!


Bird & Jim  

Bird & Jim recently opened their doors, celebrating dreams come true as they partner with the community in Estes Park to bring nutrition education, fun events and a great dining experience to the area. The owners/operators of the restaurant have worked in the area for years, so they know their clientele, and they saw a need to bring a fresh, new experience of dining to the Estes Valley. With locally sourced, high quality, healthy ingredients; creativity in the kitchen; and a unique sit-down experience; Bird & Jim has created a stand alone atmosphere full of history and a treat for the taste buds in their newly renovated space. Be sure to check them out this winter and write them a review to get the word out!

NaNoWriMo Special at The Golden Leaf Inn  

In case you haven’t heard, we’re offering a NaNoWriMo special during the month of November: Book a 2+ night stay and get $50 OFF. Come write that novel you’ve always dreamed about writing but never set aside the time to do so. The Golden Leaf Inn offers several cozy writing locations with inspiring views and a peaceful atmosphere that will help you focus on your writing. Book your room today!*

*If you’re reading this after November 2017, contact us for our current specials.