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Historic Hotels: The Golden Leaf Inn’s Arts & Crafts Style

Rocky Mountain National Park LodgingOne of several Colorado historic hotels, The Golden Leaf Inn is nestled on a hill just above Elkhorn Lodge, also an historic place in Estes Park, Colorado. Built in the early 20th century and recently refurbished, the Inn holds true to the Arts & Crafts style of its origin while also offering many modern amenities that make it a luxurious stay. If you appreciate historical character, cozy warmth, a peaceful atmosphere and good food, this is a must-stay destination in your travels! Book your reservation today for summer 2018 and enjoy the unique stylistic features of its craftsman architecture and decor.

Stickley Furniture

As one of the Colorado historic hotels, we chose to furnish much of the Inn with furniture that’s true to the style of its time period. Amazingly, the Stickley brothers’ creativity is still prevalent in the company’s furniture today. Although Gustav Stickley is often credited with much of the design genius behind many pieces of Stickley furniture, it is L & JG Stickley (Leopold and John George) who were most successful out of the 5 brothers and whose names are still in the furniture company’s name today. Gustav created mission style furniture at the turn of the 20th century but was later unable to adapt his designs after WWI to what was in demand and instead went bankrupt. L & JG Stickley were inspired greatly by both Gustav’s designs and many European designs. While they did a better job of adapting to demand over the years, they’ve also continued to reproduce some of the original designs that were inspired by the Arts & Crafts style, of which we have many in our Inn.

The Leopold chair, for example, was one of Leopold Stickley’s favorites and can be found in both our living room and in the Heavenly Room. It is extremely comfortable; you may find yourself curled up for hours reading in this chair. The coffee bar in the dining room is also a Stickley piece, and although the china cabinets and the built-ins in the dining and living rooms are not Stickley, they are of similar style with their straight, hard lines.  The writing desk in the Heavenly room is Stickley as are the bedside tables in the Heavenly Room, Rustic Royal Room and Long View Room. The settle (love seat) and chair in the library are examples of Gustav Stickley’s mission style furniture.Rocky Mountain National Park Lodging

The etching in the dining room table and chairs is an example of the line of inlaid furniture developed by the Stickley Brothers in 1900 as part of their ingenuity, along with Gustav’s designs and European designs. These etchings can be found on side tables, desks and cabinets in their line as well.

Many of the rooms at the Inn also display very ornate rugs produced at the Stickley Furniture Co, another expression of the creativity of the Stickley brothers in developing their artistic design and aesthetic.

Tiffany Lamps

Another feature of The Golden Leaf Inn is our Tiffany lamps and sconces, which add to the rich artistic legacy of our Colorado historic hotel. Although Louis Comfort Tiffany, owner of Tiffany Glass (later renamed Tiffany Studios) was originally credited with the designs of his glass, lamps and other products, Clara Driscoll, head designer for Tiffany for 20 years, was later discovered to be the designer of many of the original Tiffany lamps. Tiffany and his team were very creative and cutting-edge when it came to designing and using multiple mediums to create beauty. In fact, he learned how to create colors and patterns never before seen in glass because he manipulated the impurities in the glass that others previously tried to eliminate altogether. It took hours for the artists to execute the designs inspired by the intricacy of nature, but the result was illustrative of Tiffany’s ability to ‘paint’ with glass. Tiffany glass was known to be part of the Art Nouveau Movement which coincided with the Arts & Crafts Movement, its purpose being to bring art into peoples’ daily lives.

Estes Park, Colorado LodgingYou will be able to find Tiffany lamps in the Library, Heavenly Room and Long View Room at The Golden Leaf Inn. The sconces in the Heavenly Room, Living Room and Library are all Tiffany glass as are the overhead lights in the Living Room and leading up the stairway. The colors in the lighting add to the cozy ambiance at the Inn.



Other Historic Hotels & Venues in Estes Park, CO

There are several other venues in Estes Park which illustrate characteristics of the Arts & Crafts Movement. For example, while enjoying a drink at the bar at The Stanley Hotel, you can look up and view the stylistic feature of the copper ceiling; or enjoy the wainscoting and solid pillars in the various conference/event rooms or patios as you tour the old hotel. While enjoying a scrumptious dinner at Seasoned: An American Bistro, observe their copper ceiling, small hexagonal floor tiles and solid wooden pillars–all features of this Era as well. Perhaps you’ll enjoy lunch or happy hour hors d’oeuvres at Bird & Jim and participate in the pioneering, nonconforming, adventure-loving spirit of Isabella Bird and Mountain Jim, from which this restaurant found its name. Or you may decide to go to the Estes Park Museum to learn some history or view some beautiful artwork and photography at Images of Rocky Mountain National Park, a gallery just off of Main Street. Whatever you choose to do with your time in Estes Park, we hope you take time to enjoy the rich history, art and natural surroundings of this beautiful city when you stay at The Golden Leaf Inn.